Councillors to consider consultation regarding public access between Argyle and Walton Street

Riverside Area Committee councillors are to consider initiating a public consultation on options to maintain full pedestrian and cycle access to the KC Stadium between Argyle Street and Walton Street through West Park.

A report published by the council today (Tuesday 31 October) sets out proposals for maintaining pedestrian and cycle access, whilst not adversely affecting the safety of the stadium.

If given the green light by the Riverside Area Committee on Wednesday, 8 November, the options for consultation will include:

• Establishing a Public Right of Way (Restricted Byway) that connects Argyle Street to Walton Street through West Park
• Establishing a permissive route in conjunction with the SMC and Police
• Take no further action to facilitate pedestrian and cycle access to link Argyle Street with West Park

This alternative route is used regularly by people accessing the stadium, West Park and Fairground, and commuters avoiding busy routes.

The report says it is in the wider public interest that a safe route through the area should be made available and accessible at all times.

If agreed, as part of the consultation, members of the public, the emergency services, Stadium Management Company (SMC), Humberside Police and the Regional Anti-Terrorism Unit will be asked to consider the options.

The report will also seek to advise the council to make provision for any financial implications that may arise from undertaking any of the options.

A further report will be brought back to the Riverside Area Committee on the outcome of the initial consultation and outline any associated costs.

Link to the full report –