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A campaign has been launched to raise awareness of how residents can help a child who may be at risk.

Support for families affected by relationship conflicts

A new campaign aimed at supporting parents and young people in reducing relationship conflicts launches today.

Relationship Matters is a programme that will provide support for parents where there are conflicts, and emotional well-being support for young people affected by this, in turn, improving the mental health and long-term future chances for children involved.

Evidence shown that where there are frequent, intense and poorly resolved parental conflicts, it can have a serious negative impact on children and young people’s emotional health.

Relationshipmatters.org.uk offers parents simple strategies to use that will support the reduction of conflict within the relationship, and will be assessed for the most appropriate support to help them co-parent in a positive way.

Young people can access support and advice to help with any emotional health issues that have resulted from parental conflict by using Howareyoufeeling.org.uk. This site was developed by young people in Hull and provides a wide range of advice and support to young people as well as parents.

Councillor Peter Clark, Portfolio Holder for learning and skills said:

“Children are incredibly intuitive and do notice when parents fall out. Strained relationships can have a really detrimental effect in terms of education, friendships and other relationships, so it’s important we offer that support not just to young people, but to parents as well.

“Relationship Matters is free and open to parents across Yorkshire and Humberside and I would encourage anyone who feels they can relate to this issue to visit the website and seek the support that is available to them.”

Relationshipmatters.org.uk and Howareyoufeeling.org.uk are available to access now.

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