New Welcome to Hull sign on street
New Welcome to Hull sign on street

New website shares all latest data on life in Hull

Hull City Council has launched a new website that pulls together all of the latest data on Hull, allowing everyone to access up-to-the-minute information about the city.

The new Hull Data Observatory website allows anyone to access a wide range of information about the city, its businesses and its residents and offers a range of unique tools and insights to develop a better understanding of life in Hull.

Information on the site covers all aspects of life in the city and includes education, health, crime, population, housing and economy and enables people to pull together different sets of big data sources to create an accurate understanding of Hull.

The website also includes the latest data from the People’s Panel, a unique resource that draws on the views, opinions and feelings of residents around a range of subjects.

People using the site can search by postcode or drill down into specific areas of data and then use a range of advanced tools to map data across the city.

The new Hull Data Observatory site replaces an old website that shared key data and features a wide range of new information and applications.

It has been created by Hull City Council’s Insight Team. The council’s research and insight analyst, Richard Morfitt, says: “By having a centralised place to store, analyse and publish local data, the Hull Data Observatory aims to create a clearer and more joined up understanding of the city and its residents.

“Using the data observatory you can view detailed reports for the city, or for specific geographies like wards, by theme (e.g. population, deprivation, health, economy etc.).

“This new, updated website will be invaluable to a wide range of organisations, from health bodies and academics to potential investors.

“It is a one-stop shop for all of the latest research and insights into the city and will help to shape future strategies for the growth and development of Hull.”

The Hull Data Observatory is a free and open online resource for anyone with an interest in Hull and its local communities and you can access it at