Oracle is one of of four captivating installations. Photo credit: Tom Arran.

Hull set to be illuminated by Navigate

Hull city centre is set to be illuminated by Navigate, a three-day sound and light event in the city centre.

Navigate is made up of four installations including Oracle, an eight-metre floating lighthouse that predicts the weather using unique and captivating displays.

Oracle, Navigate

Oracle, in Prince’s Dock, predicts the weather using unique sound and light displays. Photo credit: Tom Arran.

Linked wirelessly to meteorological sensors, it takes real-time readings of wind speed, humidity, pressure, temperature and rain. Each of these parameters then creates a dynamic weather visualisation played onto the tower using sound, light and lasers.

Once every 15 minutes, the Oracle will contact the Met Office and display a weather omen foretelling predictions for the forthcoming hour with a dynamic audio-visual performance.

Oracle displays different lights, sounds and symbols depending on the weather. Photo credit: Tom Arran.

Navigate takes place from Thursday 30 January until Saturday 1 February, dusk until 9pm each night.