PPE delivery
Tony Saxby of the council's streetscene team delivers PPE to vulnerable residents

Street cleaning staff in Hull step up to make 75,000 PPE deliveries

Hull City Council’s street cleansing and grounds staff have delivered 75,000 pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to health workers in care homes and vulnerable households.

A team of 10 has stepped up to the mark and have made 150 repeat visits with vital PPE equipment to care homes across the city and to 50  private homes with vulnerable people to enable care workers to continue their normal level of care.

Three special schools – Tweendykes, Federick Holmes and Ganton – have also received PPE.

A central hub for all PPE equipment was set up and a team of staff, which has also continued with their normal duties, were tasked with co-ordinating hundreds of orders each day for collections for various services within the council.

The first delivery took place on Tuesday 7 April and they continue to take place daily.

Craig English, who works in the city centre streetcare team, said: “I got a call from my team leader asking me if I would take coronavirus PPE to carers and care homes around the city of Hull.  I jumped at the chance to deliver a service that gives me the opportunity to feel part of a team that’s in the fight against Covid-19.

“For me it’s such a great feeling handing over the PPE when you get greeted with a big smile and a thank you from the carers.  It just makes you feel that I’m giving something back to these people that are in need.”

Adam McArthur, head of street cleansing, grounds and open spaces, said: “I am extremely proud of my staff and their commitment to the roles they have been asked to undertake, they have all risen to the task.

“I’m for one so proud of every one of them. These members of staff, start at 6am, go out on their job, come in for the deliveries, then go back on their job to finish their round, then they are then stood at my door when they have finished their shift asking if we need any more taking out, this is on a weekday, weekend and even bank-holidays. What a team.”

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