Freda Milson, aged 89, one of HCC’s oldest and most loyal tenants. She has lived at Amethyst Road since about 1955.

Meet Freda – one of Hull City Council’s longest tenants

At 89 year old, Freda Milson is one of Hull City Council’s longest tenants.

Freda, of Bilton Grange estate, has lived in the same house for more than 60 years.

Here, she shares her memories.

“All my memories are in this house,” said Freda. “I moved here with my husband in 1955 or 1956, 63 or 64 years ago.

“Before then, I lived on Anlaby Road with my mum until she got one of the brand-new council houses on North Hull estate and that was absolutely brilliant – we had a bath!

“My husband and I went on a waiting list for a council house before we even got married. We both worked at William Jackson’s – me in the welfare department and him in the factory – got married when I was 19 and we spent five years in a Jackson’s flat on Spring Bank until we got offered this house on Bilton Grange.

“Now I’m not being big-headed, but I think Bilton Grange is the nicest one they’ve built. The rent used to be 30 shillings a week – it sounds funny to say that now!

“When we first came, it was like being in the country. Holderness High Road was like a little country lane – and look at it now. The doctor’s surgery was a hut on the green on Greenwich Ave, and we had a picture place, The Berkeley Cinema, where Berkeley House is now. There were no flats in Valiant Drive, just a big mound of soil and we used to go with all the kids on a big tin tray when it snowed.

“After I retired, I started to get around my estate more. I did ‘patch walks’ with the council area teams to check for things that needed fixing. I used to enjoy it.

“We’re very lucky with our neighbours here. It’s a nice mixture and they’re all friendly. One of my neighbours cooks me tea. If anyone ever shouted ‘help’, someone would come.”

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