European Parliamentary elections 2019

European Parliamentary election results announced

The European Parliamentary election results have been announced.

In Yorkshire and the Humber, six MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) were elected as follows:

Elected MEPs

List of MEPs for the Yorshire and Humber region
Seat Party Candidate
1 The Brexit Party John Longworth
2 The Brexit Party Lucy Elizabeth Harris
3 Labour Party Richard Graham Corbett
4 Liberal Democrats Shaffaq Mohammed
5 Green Party Magid Magid
6 The Brexit Party Jake Pugh

Leeds City Council announced the results on behalf of the region. See the full results here.

In Hull, the turnout was 24 per cent.

The number of votes by each of the nine parties in Hull were as follows:

Party Votes
Change UK 685
Conservative and Unionist Party 1,229
English Democrats 462
Green Party 3,887
Labour Party 7,832
Liberal Democrats 5,667
The Brexit Party 18,572
The Yorkshire Party 1,157
UKIP 2,725

The UK is currently represented by 73 MEPs across 12 European electoral regions, with each region represented by between three and 10 MEPs.

The European Parliament is currently made up of 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who are elected by 28 European Union member countries.

It has powers in a range of areas that affect member countries and can approve, change or reject new European laws.

The European Parliament was directly elected for the first time in 1979 and the last election was in 2014.

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