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Schools and colleges across Hull mark White Ribbon Day

Schools and colleges across the city marked White Ribbon Day and International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Thursday 25 November saw primary and secondary schools take part in a variety of activities and discussions, and children pledged the White Ribbon promise.

Mary Meredith, Assistant Director for learning and skills said: ‘I am delighted that our schools and colleges made so much effort to raise awareness of violence towards women and discuss respectful relationships. Ensuring children and young people understand what respectful relationships are from an early age is so important.

“Every piece of awareness raising, no matter how big or small can have a genuine opportunity to change lives.’

Primary schools discussed being kind and using kind words to all, and the importance of respecting each other. At Paisley Primary and St Nicholas Primary every child tied a white ribbon to the school gates.

St Nicholas Primary

In secondary schools young people signed the pledge to to never commit, excuse or remain silent about abuse or bullying.

Assemblies were held marking White Ribbon Day and everyone shared the white ribbon promise.

Teachers and school staff wore white ribbons with pride, and discussions were held that everyone should give, and expect, respect, and that everyone deserves respectful relationships.

Wyke College mark White Ribbon Day

Phillip Painter, Education Safeguarding Manager said: “I’ve been amazed by the extensive activity undertaken by Hull schools, colleges and safeguarding partners surrounding White Ribbon Day 2021. Across Hull there is extensive activity taking place to change cultures which lead to violence against women and girls.”


Paisley Primary School


Roadworks are to take place in Hull.