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Below is a breakdown of the roadworks currently taking place in Hull.

Weekly roadworks update

Hull’s ambitious project to improve its transport system continues this week as essential major works take place across the city.

They include works at the A63 and Stoneferry Corridor and also critical utility repairs.

The works are being undertaken by organisations including Highways England, Northern Gas Networks and Hull City Council, with scheduled works from Northern Powergrid.

Councillor Dean Kirk, portfolio holder for transportation, roads, highways and flood prevention, said: “Work in Cranbrook Avenue should complete this weekend, easing congestion in this part of the city.

“We understand that roadworks can be frustrating for motorists, however these works are essential if we are to improve our transport system for better and safer journeys in the future. We apologise for any inconvenience to drivers in the meantime.”

Motorists are advised to plan their journey before travelling using One.Network, and to keep up-to-date with Stoneferry Corridor works download the Hello Travaux app on the App Store on Google Play.

From Monday 28 June there will also be overnight closures on the A63 (8pm – 6am) for 5 nights as part of the Castle street works.

During this time, to ensure access to all properties is maintained, the works on Humber Street will be removed.

Below is a breakdown of the roadworks currently taking place in Hull –


Location Start Date Due Date Reason Utility/HCC Name Current Status Work Type Traffic Impact Assessment Notes & any Diversion Overview
Works Commenced
A63 Castle Street – From St James Street to Market Place.


May 2020 May 2025 Lane closures and local diversions until completion of scheme. LGV diversion signed via ERYC to limit number of LGV’s in city centre. Highways England On Track Planned Operating under a Development Control Order which gives additional powers to Highways England to change things as required.  HCC having to respond accordingly
A63 Castle Street 14 June 2021 3 July 2021 Full Lane closures east & west bound. Highways England On Track Planned Significant
NB. Overnight Closures. Using a pre-agreed larger diversion route.
Mon – Fri 28.06. – 03.07.21
Stoneferry Road – Foster St to Sutton Road Commenced 28 May 2022 Installation of the Stoneferry Road Corridor capital program scheme. HCC MP&I (Colas) On Track Planned Significant Lane closures plus portable traffic signals at Woodhall Street junction (Traffic signals on until 28 May to allow new drainage to be installed new the railway bridge)
Woodhall Street 10 May 2021 16 July 2021 Installation of the Stoneferry Road Corridor capital program scheme. HCC MP&I (Colas) Extended by 22 days Planned Significant Portable Traffic Signals at Woodhall Street – these are manually operated during peak times.  Extension requested to scheme of works.
Holwell Road to Mounty Pleasant junction 23 April 2021 25 June 2022 Installation of the Stoneferry Road Corridor HCC MP&I On Track Planned Significant Lane & footpath closures plus portable pedestrian crossing in use.
Cottingham Road 24 May 2021 27 June 2021 Roadworks reconstruction & resurfacing.


HCC MP&I Extended by 9 days Planned Moderate Lane Closures. Changing TM to Traffic lights (2 way) Lights Manned.
Cranbrook Avenue 24 May 2021 11 July 2021 Roadworks reconstruction & resurfacing.


HCC MP&I OVERRUN – Extended by 35 days Planned Moderate Road Closure. Local diversion in place.
Greenwood Avenue 24 May 2021 16 July 2021 Replacement of gas pipes in footpaths. Northern Gas Networks On Track Planned Minor Closures of some section of footpath. No planned carriageway incursion.
Stockholm Road & West Carr Lane 08 June 2021 25 June 2021 Essential Works Northern Powergrid On Track Planned Low From Junction of West Carr Lane to Outside Substation ( Footway, Carriageway). Works no in footway.
Wiltshire Road (Full Length) 14 June 2021 22 August 2021 Excavate existing concrete carriageway and carry out any required concrete repairs.


HCC – MP&I On Track Planned Moderate Traffic Control will be Give and Take.
South Street, Carr Lane & Parragon Street 14 June 2021 02 July 2021 Essential Gas Works Northern Gas Networks On Track Planned Moderate Road Closure at South Street. Traffic Signals on jnct of South Street/Anlaby Road.  Paragon Street change too, 2 way traffic for duration of works. Car parking revoked temporarily.
Humber Street & High Street 21 June 2021 07 Oct 2021 Reconstruction of footpaths and road surface. HCC MP&I On Track Planned Moderate Will include; Road Closure, lane closures and footpath closure. Works will halt for Humber Street Sesh ( 14.09.21). Start date delayed by 1 week, due to NGN on lowgate and A63 closures EB& WB.
Fairfax Avenue 22 June 2021 28 June 2021 Emergency Water Repairs – Burst Main YW Emergency Emergency Moderate Burst Water Main.
Major Works Planned to start in next two weeks
Witham 05 July 21 09 July 21 Line Removal, Anti Skid & Lining Works HCC – MPI Agreed Planned Moderate Road Closed – full length of Witham inbound 7 pm to 11 pm. Diversion route onto Clarence Street and Great Union Street
Wincolmlee 30 June 2021 06 July 2021 Essential Works – New Connection. Northern Powergrid Agreed Planned Moderate Working 9.30am – 5 pm , 2 way lights. First day set up after 9.30, to avoid peak traffic.
Clarence Street 30 June 2021 06 July 2021 Cycle Lanes & Anti Skid& Line Removal HCC – MP&I Agreed Planned Moderate – Low Mixed TM solutions, using Lane Closures, stop and go boards at junctions.
Hawthorn Ave – Chalk Lane Level Crossing 27 June 21 29 Jun 21 Rail Corrosion Inspections Network Rail Agreed Planned Moderate – Low Night time closures, 23.55 – 05.10, each night.
Dunvegan Road 28 June 2021 15 August 2021 Essential Footway Repairs. HCC – MPI Agreed Planned Moderate- Low Eastern Fooway from Saltshouse Road – East Carr Road, with Lane Closures. To be completed in phases, to enable residents accesses.
Major Works on the Radar
Priory Way October 2021 August 2022 Major widening and construction of three signalised junctions. HCC –  MP&I Planned Planned Significant TM detail not available. Will include lane closures and possible road closures. Potential to affect HE trunk road network.
Sutton Road Awaiting Start Dates Awaiting Dates Reconstruction of junction. Stoneferry Corridor works HCC  – MP&I Planned Planned Significant Traffic control (multi-way signals)
Priory Road 08 Aug 2021 20 Sept 2021 Carriageway & Footway re-construction & bus lanes/ Parking Bays HCC  – MP&I Planning Stage Planning Significant Diversion Routes – large route to include County Road North, Bricknell Ave, through Cottingham. Will impact on the Bus routes.
Lowgate (outside Guildhall) 19 July 2021 19 July 2021 Crane required to access the clock tower. Essential works HCC – NPS Planning Stage Planning Significant Diversion routes currently being discussed.
Lowgate Footway scheme Sept 2021 March 2022 Footway repair scheme HCC  – MPI Planning Stage Planning Moderate Lane closures SB & NB required on lowgate, from Market Place to Alfred Gelder Street, with Diversions onto A63
Air Street Oct 2021 Oct 2021 Essential Gas Works – upgrades NGN Planning Stage Planning Significant 4 week road closure, with significant diversion route, potentially into pre-existing diversions already on the network. (Stoneferry scheme).


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