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The Government’s Coronavirus Test and Trace programme is now under way.

Warning over scammers as Test and Trace gets under way

People in Hull are being urged to be vigilant against scammers as the Government’s Coronavirus Test and Trace programme gets under way.

Phase one of the programme is now live, meaning anyone could receive a call, email or text asking them to isolate in case they have the virus.

Those who are contacted are warned to be sure the communication is genuine following national reports of scammers trying to trick people out of money.

Test and Trace calls will only come from the number 0300 013 5000, with text messages showing as coming from NHS.

The first attempts at contact will be via email or text, with a phone call following if there is no response.

People will only be asked for a name, date of birth and post code – and no other personal information of any kind.

A genuine Test and Trace call, or other form of contact will never ask for:

  • money – anyone can now request a test from the government and all tests are free
  • bank details – for money, to confirm identity or for any other purpose
  • social media log-ins or details for anyone
  • existing password or pincodes, or to set any up
  • a download of any software to your device, or to remotely hand over control of a device
  • dial a premium rate number, or to access any website that does not belong to the government or NHS.

Councillor Mike Thompson, portfolio holder for public protection at Hull City Council, said: “It is vital people understand that while they may well get a Test and Trace call, a genuine caller will never ask for money, passwords, for you to download something or for you to call a high-cost phone number.

“Be vigilant as individuals and if you care for or know someone vulnerable, make sure they understand too. So far, we haven’t had reports of any bogus Test and Trace calls in Hull but unfortunately, other areas have.

“It’s crucial we all do what’s necessary to stop the spread of Coronavirus – but this will never involve parting with money. If you get a call you think could be a scam, ask for an email or text instead. This will invite you to use the Test and Trace website instead, which will direct you to contact-tracing.phe.gov.uk. People who don’t use email or text can ask for the link to instead go to a family member or other trusted person”.

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