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Hull City Council's recycling bins

Army of staff trained to offer support for bin collections

Up to 45 additional staff members have been trained to provide waste collection services for Hull City Council.

The local authority has trained the new staff members to ensure contingency plans are in place to try to collect waste as normal.

It means other service areas will see a reduction in what is provided. Collection of bulky items will no longer take place until further notice.

Doug Sharp, head of waste management at Hull City Council, said: “The bin collection service is currently operating as normal. As we continue to try and deliver the service, we need residents to do their bit and help to look after our waste team.

“We ask that all residents ensure their bin lids are closed and if anyone in your household is suffering from symptoms of coronavirus, that any hygiene related waste such as tissues, wipes and cleaning cloths are double-bagged and stored at your home for 72 hours as per government guidance, before disposing of it in the black refuse bin.

“All other waste can be disposed of as normal. This is a precaution that just helps to minimise any risk to our front-line staff.”

In a speech at the Full Council meeting last week, Hull City Council leader Stephen Brady reassured residents that plans are in place to respond to the challenges of coronavirus during “unprecedented times”.

The local authority also announced a 10 point plan to respond to Covid-19, you can read more about that here.

Report any missed bin collections here.

Find information on coronavirus-related closures here and cancellations here.


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