A white shih tzu puppy running on grass
Dog owners in Hull can take their pets to a free microchipping event next month. Picture: Joe Caione

Free dog microchipping session in Hull soon

A free dog microchipping session is being held in Hull next month.

Dog-owners can take their good boys and girls to the drop-in event on Tuesday 4 February at the Bespoke Resource Centre in Zeals Garth from 11am to 3pm.

Hull City Council and the Dogs’ Trust have teamed up or organise the session.

No appointment is needed. People can just turn up with their dogs, have them chipped and get a basic health check, including a weigh-in, nail-clipping, basic wellbeing advice and information on updating chip details. Specialists will be able to provide advice on diet, training and neutering and have other tips and useful resources available.

The drop-in follows a hugely successful session in November when dozens of dogs where chipped and checked.

Helen Foulson, animal welfare officer at Hull City Council, said: “We were really pleased to see so many people at the November session and hope this one will prove as popular. I want to remind dog-owners that it’s a legal requirement to have them microchipped and to keep details up to date.

“This event is a great chance to make sure your dog meets those legal requirements and can be quickly and easily returned to you if they manage to get lost. If a dog isn’t chipped, then we can and do prosecute owners where necessary.

“For anyone thinking about getting a dog, please consider a rescue – we have dogs right now at in Hull who are looking for someone to give them their forever home.”

Dogs at Carr House include husky Rocky, who is looking for new home after his owner fell ill and became unable to care for him.

Get more info on microchipping from Dogs’ Trust here and Hull City Council’s microchipping events here.

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