This week is set to deliver the hottest temperatures of the year so far.

Top tips to beat the heat – public health consultant

As temperatures climb and the Met Office issues a Heat Health Alert, public health officials have issued their advice for staying sun safe.

This week is set to deliver the hottest temperatures of the year so far – around 29C today and Tuesday, peaking at 31C on Wednesday, 30C on Thursday and remaining in the mid-20s through to the weekend.

A warning has been issued to take care in the sun, ensuring babies and young children, elderly people and those with long-term conditions including diabetes and heart disease or are otherwise vulnerable are protected.

Dr James Crick, consultant in Public Health Medicine and Associate Medical Director NHS Hull CCG and Hull City Council, said: “Sunny weather is a welcome start to the summer holidays and we want people to enjoy it, but also stay safe.

“High temperatures can be dangerous for vulnerable people, including babies, children, the elderly and people with an existing medical condition so it is important we look out for them. Any of us can be at risk if we fail to follow sun safe advice – wearing sunscreen, staying hydrated, covering up and avoiding being in the sun during the hottest part of the day.

“Heat exhaustion and heatstroke, also known as sunstroke, are serious for anyone and potentially critical for someone who is more vulnerable. Following medical advice should be enough to keep everyone well”.

Top tips for coping in the heat are:

  • Drink plenty of cold drinks, especially when exercising. Alcohol doesn’t count – it is a diuretic and should be avoided
  • Take cool baths and showers and sprinkle or spray water over skin or clothes
  • Cover up with sunscreen, a hat, shades and loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing
  • Stay out of the sun from 11am-3pm, when it is at its hottest
  • Avoid extreme exercise.
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