Hopscotch grids started popping up all over Hull last week.

Quick enough to count all the hopscotch players in this video?

It’s been a full-on week of hopscotch here in Hull. Grids appeared all over the city on Monday morning and the craze spread like wildfire.

The city saw sports teams, firefighters, police officers, dogs, school pupils, fitness groups, volunteers, army cadets, kids, adults and local media types taking on the challenge.

The first of two compilation videos brings together some of the liveliest clips of the week.

The reason for the ‘hopscotch bombing’ was to remind people of the joy of simply playing out and getting involved in traditional games.

It’s part of a drive in Hull to bring back outdoor play, through the Playing Out scheme, which allows people to close their street to through-traffic, allowing residents to come together to play, meet each other and build community spirit.

Sessions last year proved incredibly popular, with more than 50 hours of play delivered and fantastic feedback from kids and adults alike.

If you want to play out on your own doorstep, click here.

And learn more about the campaign here.

Trinity Market hosts regular popular events.