Laura has signed up for Look, Say, Sing, Play and says she has already seen the difference in her baby George.
Hull mum Laura Brusch with her son George.

Why parents should take cues from their children

Do you ever wonder what you child is thinking?

The NPCC and Hull City Council are working together to encourage parents to take cues from their children.

The Look, Say, Sing, Play campaign encourages parents to look at how they are communicating with their child. It has been designed to benefit the social, emotional and cognitive development of children.

Parents are encouraged to take a look at what their baby is focusing on and how they react, say what they are doing and copy the sounds their baby makes, sing along to their favourite tune or play simple games and see what their baby enjoys.

Hull mum Laura said: “I would really recommend the Look, Say Sing, Play campaign. I didn’t know I was helping to build my baby’s brain and learning that it can be just the little things, at bath time or feeding time, that can make such a huge difference is really good to know.

“I think it is natural that for some parents it could be a case of not knowing what to do, of struggling with the idea of being able to educate your child at such a young age but I have seen the difference with my own baby George.

“It is actually the most important time to help build his brain and I love these special moments I have with him too, times I know I will never get back and that makes them so special to me as well as George.”

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