East Yorkshire Buses driver Paul Madeley. Picture: Neil Holmes Photography
East Yorkshire Buses driver Paul Madeley. Picture: Neil Holmes Photography

A day in the life of … a Hull bus driver

Public transport is an important part of Hull’s ambitions to improve social inclusion by giving people access to jobs, leisure and shopping, as well as reducing the impact of carbon on climate change. Today, we meet East Yorkshire Buses driver Paul Madeley with the view from behind the wheel of the number 33.

Like all road-users, bus drivers suffer when road surfaces are not at their best.

That’s why Paul Madeley is happy his daily journey just got a whole lot smoother following the start of a programme of road repairs by Hull City Council.

Now Paul, who Hull bus passengers can meet on the East Yorkshire Buses number 33 service, is urging people to make their journeys on public transport when possible.

Paul said: “We all have a part to play. People can make the right transport choices, using a bus when it’s available and suitable for the trip. For their part, operators are investing in new buses built to higher emission standards, so passengers can have a more comfortable journey.

“This year’s programme of road repair by Hull City Council has helped to improve the ride for passengers on a number of roads, including the route that I drive the 33 service along on Wymersley Road in Derringham.

“Passengers and drivers have suffered from the poor road surface for many years – there’s nothing worse than trying to keep people safe while being jolted around by potholes. Now it is completed, the ride quality has improved for drivers and passengers alike.

“Schemes like these make everybody’s day better and it’s good to see the council has an ongoing programme to deal with these issues across the city. Along with new buses and technology like contactless payment and our mobile app, they ultimately make bus journeys more attractive. It gives less stress for us drivers and customers alike.

“The roadworks themselves can cause disruption, but we do our best to help our customers with roadside information, social media posts and details on our app and website.”

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