Pearson Park in Hull.
Pearson Park in Hull.

Second phase of £3.8m Pearson Park restoration starts next week

The second phase of the £3.8m restoration of Pearson Park will begin on Monday (June 24).

In December the park’s iconic archway was removed. It is currently being restored by a specialist contractor before it will be returned to the park at the end of the summer.

The second phase will include improvements to the park’s bowling pavilion and ice cream kiosk, restoration of historic statues, a full replacement of the conservatory and the reinstatement of lost Victorian features such as the bandstand and a bridge over the park’s lake.

Councillor John Fareham, chairman of the Pearson Park Trust and Project Steering Group, said: “A lot of hard work has gone into, firstly, obtaining the funding, and now delivering the project that will transform one of Hull’s most historic and beautiful parks to its former glory.

“Pearson Park is Hull’s first People’s Park and this investment will totally revitalise it, restoring many of the key features lost over the years, ensuring that people can enjoy the park, at its full potential, for many years to come.

“I, like I’m sure many residents, am excited to see how this incredible park will be transformed over the next 12 months.”

The Pearson Park Archway.

The Pearson Park Archway is currently being restored as part of the project.

The project has been supported by a £3m grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The works are expected to take approximately 12 months to complete. During the works, the park will remain as accessible as possible, with disruption kept to a minimum.

Advance notice will be provided where facilities need to be temporarily closed to allow restoration work to take place.

Information will also be regularly posted on Twitter @pearsonparknlhf and on Facebook @ppbid