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Occupational Therapy Week celebrates the benefits of occupational therapy work.

Why Hull is celebrating its adult social care staff

Social workers worldwide are shouting proudly about their achievements on World Social Work Day today.

And Hull City Council is marking the event by celebrating its adult social care teams.

The theme of this year’s World Social Work Day is promoting the importance of strong human relationships.

It is something recognised by the city’s excellent care home staff, according to Hull resident Jeanne Carlin.

Jeanne’s daughter Erica, who has multiple disabilities, lives at Park View care home in Hull, where she receives round-the-clock care from staff.

Erica has no language and has developed a relationship with staff at the home through non-verbal communication.

“I don’t think I can praise them sufficiently for the level of care for my daughter,” said Jeanne about staff at the home.

Watch the full interview with Jeanne below and here.

Workers in the city are trained to create strong bonds between themselves and residents.

And this skill doesn’t go unnoticed, according to Jeanne, who said she experienced an emotional moment when first visiting her daughter.

She said: “I walked into the room at the same time as her key worker, and Erica made contact with the key worker first, before she made contact with me.

“Whilst that got to me emotionally, that’s how it should be.”

Get more information on World Social Work Day here.

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