A chef chopping vegetables
Almost 92 per cent of Hull restaurants have a "satisfactory"’ rating of three or above. Picture: Max Delsid

Best and worst places for hygiene in Hull

The latest hygiene ratings for every Hull food business reveal which spots are spick and span and which warrant a wide berth.

The good news is that almost 92 per cent have a “satisfactory”’ rating of three or above and the vast majority have the highest possible rating of five.

Of a total of 1,825 businesses:

  • 1,216 are rated five (very good)
  • 292 are rated four (good)
  • 168 are rated three (generally satisfactory)
  • 62 are rated two (improvement necessary)
  • 74 are rated one (major improvement necessary)
  • 13 are rated zero (urgent improvement necessary).

Every business that serves food must be registered with the council’s environmental health team – they can be inspected without notice at any time and all receive routine visits – some more frequently than others.

In Hull, the number of top-rated businesses continues to climb, with many new ventures opting to work with the environmental health team prior to opening to ensure standards are as high as possible.

Rachel Stephenson, food and health and safety manager at Hull City Council, said: “It’s usually the very low-scoring businesses which tend to make the headlines, which isn’t surprising – people will be naturally interested in finding out about of a pest infestation, inadequate personal hygiene, out-of-date food and filthy workspaces.

“The public deserve to know about poor standards found in the worst premises. However, this isn’t an accurate reflection of the overall picture of food hygiene. Not only are 92 per cent of our premises rated at least a three, 73 per cent of those are a five, which means they meet the highest standards on the current scheme.

People who operate five-rated businesses work hard to maintain their very good standards and it’s really pleasing to see their achievements being celebrated. We see more and more fives year-on-year and with delivery apps like Just Eat now displaying all hygiene ratings and removing anywhere with a zero, we can only expect to see greater pressure on businesses to achieve at least a three.”

Find advice for businesses including contact information here and the rating of every food business in Hull here.