Jean Bishop, Hull’s Bee Lady, centre, who opened The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre.
Jean Bishop, Hull’s Bee Lady, centre, at the opening of The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre in Hull.

Hull CCG ‘outstanding’ for third year in a row

Hull’s Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been rated as “outstanding” for a third year in a row.

NHS England’s Ofsted-style evaluation recognised the city’s innovative Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre – the UK’s first of its kind – which was opened last year by Jean Bishop, Hull’s Bee Lady.

Of the 195 CCGs evaluated for leadership, financial performance, planning and patient and public involvement, just 24 achieved the highest rating.

NHS England recognised that NHS Hull CCG has continued to demonstrate a strong partnership approach and close working relationship with Hull City Council around the joint financial plan and integrated adults and children’s services.

The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre in Hull.

The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre in Hull.

Hull City Council chief executive Matt Jukes said: ““We have worked closely with NHS Hull CCG on a number of projects over recent years, not least the Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre, and it comes as no surprise that they have been rated as outstanding for a third consecutive year.

The leadership set the tone for innovative work with the most vulnerable in our area, something that mirrors one of our own priorities. We look forward to further partnership working in coming years and congratulate Emma and her exceptional team for this deserved recognition.”

Quality Assurance Visits in community and hospital settings have led to some positive improvements, while the CCG is a champion site for personal wheelchair budgets. Hull CCG has also achieved the maximum Green* rating for ensuring patient and public involvement is firmly embedded in the commissioning and development of local health services.

NHS Hull CCG chief officer Emma Latimer said: “I am delighted the CCG has maintained the highest rating for a third consecutive year. CCG staff, local GPs, other health professionals, and our wider public and voluntary sector partners strive to improve services every year and to do the best for our population – this is something I am personally very proud and grateful for.

“It has been a challenging year for us, particularly in the light of delivering NHS constitutional targets, however, the CCG is able to demonstrate continued commitment to working across the system to deliver improved performance against these targets.”

See the CCG ratings on the NHS England website here.

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