The MKM Stadium at night.
The MKM Stadium.

Statement from Hull City Council

Hull City Council met earlier this week with the Superstadium Management Company (SMC) to discuss concerns that have been raised about a contractual dispute between the SMC and Hull F.C.

Hull F.C. and Hull City A.F.C. are essential to the sporting culture of the city and their future success is very important so the meeting was focussed on encouraging both parties to engage positively with the aim of resolving the current issues.

It was acknowledged that the KCOM Stadium was originally constructed for the use of both Hull City A.F.C. and Hull F.C. and that this must continue. Reflecting this, the Council expressed their strong desire, in the best interests of all concerned, for Hull F.C. and the SMC to meet as a matter of priority and for a solution to be negotiated as quickly and amicably as possible. The SMC confirmed that they shared this aspiration.

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