The powers were given to local authorities by government in July. Photo by radovan on Unsplash.

Book free tickets to taste Hull’s Low Ale Trail

Not sure where to start with Hull’s new Low Ale Trail? Then join a street team for a pub crawl with a difference and discover a world of hangover-free beers.

Launched in December, Hull’s Low Ale Trail maps 15 venues which offer a range of beers, spirits and cocktails with either low or very low alcohol levels.

And now, an open invitation is going out to take part on Thursday 27 February, when the trail will stop at four key Old Town locations, which were some of the first to sign up.

Followers can join the map at any point and explore the city’s bar culture, with some hosting live music, quizzes and other events, as well as having fantastic food on offer.

It is being organised by Hull marketing agency Eskimo Soup and guests will include BBC Radio Humberside presenter David Burns.

Gilda Nunez, programme lead for drug and alcohol services at Hull City Council, said:  “The market has completely changed and there are craft beers, gins and other spirits as well as artisanal cocktails which offer all the flavour without the alcohol.

“There’s the opportunity now for people to enjoy the taste of grown-up drinks but still be able to drive home, feel well the next day and not worry about the general effects on their health.

“One in five of us want to drink less and this is a great way to do it. You’re not missing out on the social experience or the taste, you’re literally just cutting out the alcohol. From a health perspective, your body needs drink-free days.

Here is the itinerary:

  • 5.30pm: Furley & Co
  • 6.15pm: Head of Steam
  • 7.00pm: Crown & Cushion
  • 7.45pm: Yates
  • 8.30pm: Estimated finish time

Book a free ticket here.

Luke and Ryan Hart