Street furniture is cleaned
Staff started cleaning street furniture in Trinity Lane from last week

Thousands of litres of water to be flushed through Hull city centre

Almost 7,000 litres of water will be flushed through Hull city centre as part of a programme to cleanse its streets.

Disinfectant will also be sprayed on shop fronts and street furniture in Queen Victoria Square and Jameson Street.

The cleaning trial will also take part in Elmbridge Parade shop fronts in Annandale Road, east Hull.

It forms part of Hull City Council’s plans to encourage people to continue following public health advice and social distancing guidelines as the lockdown begins to ease.

Councillor Anita Harrison, portfolio holder for street cleaning services at Hull City Council, said: “We are taking steps to prepare the city centre for a staggered reopening to the public following Government guidelines.

“By cleaning popular areas, we are aiming to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and reassuring residents that the council is taking the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the public.”

Streets being cleaned in Hull

Streets in Hull are being cleaned with disinfectant

The cleaning trials will take place from 5am to 7am on Thursday 14 May.

A total of eight staff will be on-site operating the machinery while observing social distancing rules.

Councillor Harrison said: “We began cleaning and disinfecting street furniture in Trinity Lane last week and washed the street down using gully machines.

“A lot of water is used during the cleaning process, which is why we are taking the opportunity to do this whilst the shops are closed and footfall is low.”

Popular cycling routes will also be cleaned and upgraded to encourage residents to use this mode of transport.

The cleaning programme will eventually be rolled out across all arterial routes and to the 52 shopping developments across the city.

Hull care leaver Nick Murray