Protective face masks
The drive for volunteers is being led by Hull City Council and HEY Smile Foundation, a charity which has played a major part in the community response to the pandemic in Hull and East Riding.

We are in crisis: grave warning as Hull amongst country’s highest Coronavirus rates

With one of the highest Coronavirus rates in the country, hospital admissions hit their highest level at any point throughout the pandemic, and the expectation that the peak is still to come, Hull’s Director of Public Health, Julia Weldon, has said everyone must act before it is too late.

“If we do not act now; follow the rules, stay at home as much as possible, ask ourselves whether every trip outside the house we make is necessary, then we simply will not bring the rate down, and the consequences will be significant.

“You have heard from us, you have heard from the hospitals – the situation is gravely serious. The NHS is coping but we are at a point where it is only able to do this by stepping down other services and redeploying staff. This is not a point we ever wanted to return to.

“Yes, we are all tired. But the virus doesn’t recognise fatigue. No one group of people, no one industry or geographical area is responsible. One in 140 of us in Hull has the virus and this is still rising. Any of us can have it, any of us can spread it.

“We must restrict our movements and interactions as much as we possibly can, and do so safety at all times. The situation locally is so very serious now. We must all treat it like we did back in the spring of this year – we simply can’t afford not to.

“Do not leave home unless it is absolutely necessary and then, only for the specific reasons allowed under the restrictions. Before you do something, even if it is permitted under the restrictions, ask if you really need to do it. Look to do the least you can, rather than the most.

“This really is our final chance to pull together, stay apart and stop the spread”.

Under the current national restrictions:

  • you must stay at home except for specific permitted reasons (including work, if you cannot work from home, education and shopping for essentials or medicine)
  • you cannot meet socially with anyone indoors or in a private garden unless they’re in your support bubble
  • certain businesses and venues, including pubs and non-essential retail must close.

Get full details as well as local information on how to get help, including for businesses and if you are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) here:



Hull from above after the 2007 floods.