Alan Boyson's Fish mural

Shoal of fish mural lifted by crane from Albion Square

Alan Boyson’s Shoal of Fish mural will be removed over two days on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 July, ahead of demolition of the Albion Square site.

A crane will carefully remove the fish mural via the roof. It is currently located on one of the upper floors of the former Co-Op Building and has been out of public sight for decades.

Safe removal is possible because the mural is not part of the structure of the building. It will then be securely stored over two to three years, and will be restored during this time.

The mural will be integrated into the new £96m development.

Paul Holloway, Arts and Culture Manager said: “We are pleased it’s possible to remove Boyson’s fish mural and to retain some of Hull’s history and culture, and for it to be incorporated into the future of the city. I look forward to seeing the mural being removed and to seeing it following restoration.”