Stickers on blue bins to help residents to recycle

New stickers will be stuck on blue bins in Hull to help residents to understand what materials cannot be recycled.

From tomorrow (Tuesday), notices will be affixed to bins to remind recyclers of the items that should be left out.

The Bin Smart initiative urges residents not to fill bins with the four most common prohibited items – dirty nappies, clothing, food and bagged waste.

It urges “if you place these items in this bin, we won’t be able to empty it”.

The initiative comes after Hull was named the country’s top city council for recycling rates. Despite this, putting the wrong materials in blue bins still costs the council £500,000 a year.

Non-recyclable items in bins can render entire loads unsuitable for recycling.

The stickers will be affixed to bins from tomorrow (Tuesday) for 12 weeks on 96 routes. Teams of four will follow usual bin crews to apply the stickers.

Residents are asked to leave their blue bins out until 5pm on collection days, allowing teams time to apply the sticker.

Doug Sharp, assistant city manager for waste and open spaces, said: “This initiative has been designed to raise awareness of the importance of putting correct materials into the blue bin. Incorrect materials are costing the council £40,000 every month.

“Knowing what cannot go in your blue bin is important. It’s always best to check and this sticker is a helpful tool to do so.”

Councillor Alan Clark, portfolio holder for highways and transport, with responsibility for waste management, said: “We encourage residents to follow the advice on the stickers to help to reduce costs associated with adding non-recyclable material to bins.

“Too many incorrect items in blue bins can create a huge cost to the council.”

Blue bins should be filled with dry recyclables including paper, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, tubs and trays and tins, which should be left loose in the bin.