People are being asked to think about how they shop this year. Photo by Denisse Leon on Unsplash.

Shoppers asked to plan ahead when Christmas shopping this year

Shoppers are being asked to plan ahead and consider changing some of their shopping habits this Christmas to support shops and local businesses.

Independent shops, shopping centres and large retailers have introduced responsible and important measures to protect customers and staff.

These measures include social distancing, limiting how many customers can shop within a premises at the same time and limiting contact between customers and staff through services such as click and collect.

There are a number of things that shoppers can do this Christmas to make things easier for shops and staff, as well as fellow shoppers –

  • Plan ahead – by planning ahead for a shopping trip we can limit the time spent in shops, shopping centres and shopping centres, limiting our social contact. It also helps if people try to plan shopping trips for times when it will be less busy, such as during the week
  • Try to shop individually or in smaller groups – if people shop individually or in smaller groups, it reduces the amount of time people may need to queue to enter a shop or building
  • Be safe – masks should be worn at all times when inside shops and shopping centres, unless you have a medical exemption. Social distancing should also be practiced at all times, so be patient when shopping and respect fellow shoppers
  • Listen to staff – Staff will often remind customers of public health guidelines, as well as any specific measures that may have been introduced. Please listen and respect the guidance and instruction from staff
  • Click and collect – many shops operate a click and collect service. If you can purchase and reserve items ahead of a shopping trip, this can limit time spent within a store, limit time spent shopping and also limit social contacts

Councillor Mike Thompson, portfolio holder for public protection at Hull City Council, said: “Christmas is a special time of the year and we want everyone to enjoy themselves whilst also taking appropriate measures and precautions to protect ourselves, our businesses and our city.

“By planning ahead and making small changes to how we shop this year, we can help protect ourselves and one another against the virus.”

Hull City Council has partnered with ShopAppy, making it easier to access some of the city’s independent shops online and through a click and collect service. You can find out more about ShopAppy here.

Kathryn Shillito, Hull BID executive director, said: “Retailers need every ounce of support currently so we want to encourage shoppers to come into Hull city centre, have a brilliant experience and enjoy themselves.

“Our businesses are working hard to provide a safe environment and get it right, so with a little more thought and good planning by everyone, we can all feel better protected.”