Teachers Paul and Dean from The Marvell Academy thanked at Downing Street

Teachers thanked by the Prime Minister for going above and beyond during the pandemic

Two teachers from Hull secondary school, The Marvell College, have been thanked by the Prime Minister for going above and beyond in their work during the pandemic.

Paul Martin, Assistant Headteacher and Dean Reacher, teacher of PE and Head of Year 11, were nominated by Headteacher Jake Capper for their work in ensuring pupils received laptops during lockdown so that children could continue with their education remotely, and for supporting pupils during holiday periods.

Paul and Dean both ran all of the holiday provision at The Marvell College, supporting the most vulnerable students when the school was closed.

Both teachers were invited to Downing Street this week, where they were thanked by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in Downing Street gardens.

Jake Capper, Headteacher said: “Paul and Dean give their time without question, they are absolutely committed to ensuring every child is as supported as they can be. I am pleased their hard work has been recognised.”

Councillor Shane McMurray, Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services said: “As a former teacher I can only imagine how difficult it has been to prepare classes for children in school, whilst working with new covid-safe measures in place, and managing children working remotely at the same time.

“Too often teachers work isn’t recognised. As parents have stepped up and supported their children working from home I believe many of them have a developed a deeper understanding of just how difficult it is to teach. As well as thanking parents who have balanced working and education during the pandemic, we absolutely have to acknowledge those staff who have found creative ways to manage this huge task and those who have gone above and beyond for our city’s children.

“I’m delighted these members of staff and their work has been recognised by the Prime Minister, and hope he does all he can to support our teachers in their endeavours to shape, educate and inspire our city’s children.”


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