Instituting Care by Jade Montserrat. Photo credit: Brian Roberts.

Humber Street Gallery announces summer programme

Humber Street Gallery, the contemporary visual arts space on Hull’s rejuvenated Fruit Market, has announced its summer programme.

The broad programme includes work looking at Hull’s history of food production, as well as the city’s iconic Hull Fair.

Senior curator at Humber Street Gallery, John Heffernan, said: “Following on from the exciting programme we had in the gallery this spring, I’m really looking forward to our summer programme.

“Drawing on Hull’s impressive history as a city of innovation and production has been an important part of the research and I’m sure audiences will be intrigued by how the artists have drawn from this to form a contemporary perspective.”

The Cucumber Fell in the Sand, which opens on Saturday 13 July, explores Hull’s rich heritage around food and production through an exhibition that encompasses sculpture, painting, dyed textiles and plant life.

Instituting Care is an exhibition by Scarborough-based artist Jade Montserrat that will be presented from Saturday 20 July until Sunday 1 September. The installation will consist of large-scale charcoal drawings made directly on the walls at Humber Street Gallery, alongside a structure designed by the artist. The structure will host a series of events relating to ideas around care and education.

Following on from Instituting Care, Faye Spencer, Anna FC Smith, Mike S Redmond and Faye Coral Johnson, Tom Ireland & Medieval Helpdesk (Lara Eggleton and David Steans), will present Ecstatic Rituals from Saturday 7 September until Sunday 20 October.

The exhibition will explore the civic tradition of ‘the fair’, considering urban folklore of the past and present and contemporary notions of ‘Britishness’ in contrast to the ways we have conceived of national identity in the past, particularly during the medieval era when Hull Fair began and when the city was the main site of imports from outside the UK.

A free screening of Romeo and Juliet in Hull is part of the Royal Opera House’s BP Big Screens programme.
Circus Ronaldo will be back in Hull following a performance at Freedom Festival 2012.