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How technology helped transform a life

A mum says assistive technology in her home has greatly improved the life of her daughter who has learning difficulties.

In March 2018, Donna Lilley’s home was fitted with equipment including a flood detector to stop the bath from overflowing, fire and steam detectors and a panic button.

She says the devices have allowed her 20-year-old daughter Kira to feel more confident and independent.

Donna said: “Since we’ve had the technology fitted, Kira is much more confident in carrying out tasks independently.

“She used to be fearful of answering the front door, but now we have a panic button, it gives her that level of assurance she needs to be able to open the door and talk to people.

“The assistive technology has greatly improved our lives. By giving her this level of independence, it allows me and her father to go away for weekends without constantly worrying about how our daughter is coping.”

Here, John Craven from Hobson & Porter demonstrates the impact technology can have on the lives of people with learning difficulties:

On show is some equipment needed by people to assist independent living, from finger print door entry, sensory pressure pads and Alexa technology to wi-fi bulbs, airflow ventilation system, non-overflow bath taps and more.

People who want to see if any of the equipment could help them can email [email protected]

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