Litter in Hull
People will be fined for not disposing of their litter correctly.

Thousands of fines issued for littering in Hull

More than 200 people have ended up in court for not paying their littering fines.

From November 2020 to March 2021, a total of 205 prosecutions took place and more than 1,300 fixed penalty notices were issued for littering in Hull.

Those offenders who chose not to pay the fixed penalty notice were taken to Magistrates Court, resulting in fines and costs of over £400.

They were caught in 37 locations across the city, including Newland Avenue, Hessle Road, Pearson Park, Holderness Road, Southcoates Lane and Cottingham Road.

Anita Harrison, portfolio holder for waste management at Hull City Council, said: “While the majority of Hull’s residents and visitors do their best to keep the city tidy, more than 70 per cent of streets are affected by smoking litter, particularly at busy spots like high streets or transport hubs.

“Littering of any kind, including throwing cigarette butts onto the floor is an extremely anti-social behaviour and is very damaging to the environment.

“We want our city to look its best for everyone, which is why we should all do our bit to keep it clean. People who do not dispose of their litter will be fined in an effort to deter people from littering in the future.

“People who are fined are advised to pay the initial cost, otherwise the case will be taken to court and could result in much higher costs as a result of the additional prosecution action.”

Litter is unsightly and makes local communities look untidy and uncared for. Common litter items include fast-food and drink related packaging, sweet wrappers, bottles, gum and cigarette butts. Litter does not clean itself away and it can take many years to degrade, causing over time harm to wildlife and habitats. Instances where litter includes food contained within the items discarded, for example half-eaten burgers, chips, pizzas can also attract increases in vermin such as pigeons and vermin.

Keep Britain Tidy estimate that more than two million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK every day, which is estimated to cost the taxpayers for street cleaning over £1 billion a year.

Littering fines of £100 will be reduced to £80 if paid within seven days, and people are encouraged to pay online as soon as possible to avoid incurring further costs.

This can be done by calling 0800 781 6229 or online.

If you wish to dispute a fixed penalty issued, or have lost the documents issued in response to any offence, please contact LA Support Ltd by emailing [email protected]

Find out more about littering here.

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