Relationship Matters

Tips for families to help with good family relationships

Relationship Matters is a new partnership between Hull City Council and 14 other local authorities across Yorkshire and the Humber which are getting together to support families.

A new website is being launched to offer families information, tips and advice during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Relationship Matters website provides tips, information and help to stay calm and work out what needs to happen, as well as signpost to receive any further help.

Rachel Roberts, head of Hull City Council’s Early Help, said: “All relationships have tricky moments, and it is how they’re experienced and resolved that matters, especially at the moment for getting us through isolation and social distancing.

“We are all spending longer periods of time with our partners and this is bound to bring about some added challenges. How couples communicate and interact can have a great effect on their relationship and have a direct impact on the emotional health and happiness of their children.

“Relationship Matters will provide tips and strategies to help families to improve their communication and resolve any problems, as well as consider how children see conflict and the damaging impact on them.”

Relationship Matters can help families recognise the signs where conflict may be having an impact, such as through

  • Arguing or shouting about things like money, parenting or housework
  • Sulking, silent treatment, slamming doors or walking away
  • Being anxious or worried, which is getting in the way of managing everyday life
  • Being unable to move on after an argument
  • Hurtful texts, emails, or using social media against others

Relationship Matters focuses on relationships where things are mostly respectful, equal and cooperative, but difficulties are being experienced.

Anyone with concerns over controlling or coercive behaviour, violence or fear, families should seek advice from the Hull Domestic Abuse Partnership on 01482 318759.

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