EU citizens living in Hull to receive EU election information

As part of preparations for the UK taking part in the forthcoming European Parliamentary elections (23-26 May), the council has today written to 10,700 EU citizens who are registered to vote in the city.

EU citizens may vote only once, in one member state, at a European Parliamentary election. They can choose to vote in the UK or their home country.  If they wish to vote in the UK, as well as being registered to vote, they must complete and return a European Parliamentary election registration form by Tuesday 7 May.

Electoral Registration Officer and Chief Executive of Hull City Council, Matt Jukes said: “Many EU citizens will have the choice of choosing to vote in the UK or their home country at European Parliamentary elections.  As part of our preparations, we have sent out the form they need to complete, if they wish to vote in the UK as part of our constituency of the Yorkshire and Humber Region.”

This form does not affect the ability of EU citizens who are registered to vote being able to take part in our local elections on Thursday 2 May.

EU citizens wishing to vote in their home country do not need to return the European Parliamentary election registration form.  Polling day for the European Parliament is scheduled to take place in the UK on Thursday 23 May.


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