An artist's impression of the new-look Arco headquarters on the Fruit Market (Image: Wykeland Beal)

Council acquires Arco headquarters as part of A63 scheme

Another major piece in the delivery of the A63 Castle Street Road Scheme is in place after the council acquired the Arco headquarters on Waverley Street.

The site will be used by Highways England during the delivery of the scheme, which is due to begin in 2021.

Arco plans to move its headquarters to a brand new site on the Fruit Market. Plans for the development were submitted last month by Wykeland Beal, the joint venture company working with Hull City Council to rejuvenate the Fruit Market area, as part of the next phase of regeneration on Hull’s Marina.

The relocation of Arco’s headquarters is a vital part of Hull City Council’s long-term strategy for the city centre, as it creates an essential space for Highways England to use as part of the vital A63 works.

Hull City Council has worked closely with Arco, Wykeland Beal, the Humber LEP and Highways England in order to facilitate the A63 works, as well as continue the regeneration of the Fruit Market.

Councillor Daren Hale, portfolio holder for economic investment and regeneration, said:  “The council’s acquisition of the current Arco headquarters site is vital in the much-needed and long overdue A63 scheme.

“Once completed, the scheme will revolutionise the city’s road network, improving a vital artery that runs through the city centre, connecting the ports to the wider region.

“The A63 scheme and the regeneration on the Fruit Market are both prime examples of what can be achieved when local authorities, organisations and businesses work together. The council’s long-term vision for the city centre is a shared one, and could only be achieved with the fantastic support that we have in the city.”

Hull City Council will grant Arco a lease back of the site until Arco can move to its new headquarters on the Fruit Market in 2021.

The site will then be leased to Highways England for the duration of the A63 works.