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Start something new in 2021 with Hull Training and Adult Education

Hull Training and Adult Education have a range of online, free and low cost courses on offer.

During last year’s lockdown many people turned to online learning as a way to keep their minds active, to retrain, follow or develop a hobby or learn new skills. This lockdown provides another opportunity for online learning.

There are hundreds of part-time courses available for adults in the city in subjects including arts, crafts, music, languages and technology.

Sharon Gamble, Head of Service for Hull Training and Adult Education said:  “Given the restrictions we all face over the coming months, we hope that Hull Training Adult Education is somewhere that people will choose to spend time, as a way of exploring a new subject or brushing-up an existing skill, whilst being part of a community with a common interest.

“The majority of this term’s courses are available online without any compromise to the high standards of teaching that you expect. We are constantly reviewing and adding to the online curriculum as we go, which means more courses will become available over the next few months that we are locked-down. The service is here to support residents’ learning, employment, and personal development and wellbeing during this time.”

Download the training brochure or email [email protected] or call 01482 615349 for more information.


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