Plans to improve environmental standards

Hull City Council has been awarded £400k to help improve environmental standards in Hull.

The funding which has been awarded by the Department for Communities and Local Government will be used to develop an area-based project to respond to residents’ concerns by improving environmental and housing standards across central Hull.

The grant will allow the council to increase its engagement with local communities and provide them with the right tools to improve their surrounding environment.

Councillor Alan Clark, portfolio holder for Streetscene, said:

“We welcome this funding to help tackle environmental standards in the city. It will give the council the opportunity to work more closely with communities to support them in seeking to improve their quality of living.

“With the help of this funding we can support and engage with all areas of the community with a view to empowering residents and encouraging the longer established residents and landlords to take ownership of their local area, leading to long-term benefits for all.”

Issues such as repeat fly-tips, poor waste containment, higher levels of waste on private land and in household forecourts are currently contributing to low environmental standard in the Newland, Myton, St Andrews, Newington, University and Avenue wards of the city.

Four highly visible neighbourhood wardens headed up with a team leader will be introduced to hot-spot areas, and it is hoped that they will act as the eyes and ears for the community in order to escalate environmental problems and raise awareness of waste practices through and education programme.

Provision for two housing enforcement officers to take a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to rogue landlord activity and improve property standards by reducing tenant exploitation and overcrowding will also be introduced under this project.