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Hull’s bus lanes: Council report sets out next steps

A new report recommends that Hull City Council begins drawing up detailed designs that would allow bus lanes to return to peak times only.

About 65 per cent of Hull-based respondents to last summer’s citywide transport survey said they thought the city’s bus lanes should return to peak times only.

In response to the survey’s findings, Councillor Mike Ross, Leader of the council, instructed council staff to kick-start that process.

Action has now been taken and proposals for the next steps will be presented to the council’s Cabinet later this month.

The law requires that a detailed design of what the road layout will look like with revised bus lane times is produced before any change can be implemented.

Because the road layout was altered when the bus lane hours were changed to all day, changes to that layout may be required to restore peak-time operation.

Under UK Government guidelines, the designs will then be subject to a formal statutory process.

Cllr Ross said: “The clear message we got from last summer’s transport survey was that most people wanted to see a return to peak-hours bus lanes.

“We have listened, and now we’re taking action.

“As soon as plans are drawn up, we will make sure the public can see what the revised road layout will look like.

“We are determined to listen to residents’ views on this issue.”

The report will be presented to Cabinet on February 27.

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