Hull Fair
Hull Fair from the top of the big wheel

Hull Fair charter honoured for another year

The 800-year Hull Fair charter will still be honoured this year, despite the event not taking place.

On the official date of the ancient agreement, Sunday 11 October, a single children’s ride will be situated in Hull city centre.

Anyone wishing to ride will be asked for a donation that will be given to the Lord Mayor’s charities.

Lord Mayor, Councillor Steve Wilson said: “The tradition of Hull Fair is ingrained in the people of Hull and I am delighted to have the pleasure of visiting the ride this Sunday.

“I’d like to thank the Yorkshire section of the Showmen’s Guild for their kind gesture in donating the profits to the Lord Mayor’s charities, it is greatly received.”

The ride will be situated in Queen Victoria Square from 11am to 4.30pm and will be following all Covid-related safety procedures.

Alongside the ride, local businesses are also acknowledging the fair with Bob Carvers producing Hull Fair boxes including their famous patties, alongside Cocoa Chocolatier and Hull Pie who have put together treat boxes that are available to buy directly.

All these treats are also up for grabs in a giveaway through Visit Hull and East Yorkshire. Visit the Visit Hull Facebook and Twitter pages for details on how to enter and win these fantastic prizes.

Anyone missing the sights and sounds of the fair this year can visit the Hull Fair digital exhibition which includes a 10-minute walk-through of the fair that was filmed last year.

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