Candarrell MacMillan was fined £920 for untidy land

Man from Wakefield fined for littering in Hull

A man from Wakefield has been fined for littering in Hull.

John McDonagh, of Doncaster Road in Wakefield, was ordered to pay £400 after he was caught littering from his vehicle near St Andrew’s Quay. He was issued with a fixed penalty notice – which he refused to pay. The matter was then referred to the courts for prosecution.

Two Hull residents have also been heavily fined for the condition of their properties, under Section 80 of the Environmental protection Act 1990.

Candarrell MacMillan, of Lissett Grove, was prosecuted and ordered to pay £920 after failing to remove waste from her home which was deemed to be having a detrimental effect on the surrounding area.

Debbie Sawdon of Field Street, was fined £470 after the condition of her property was considered to be causing a nuisance to the surrounding neighbourhood.

In both cases, the council instructed a contractor to enter the land and carry out the works listed within the notice. The costs were recovered as part of these prosecutions.

Councillor Anita Harrison, portfolio holder for waste management at Hull City Council, said: “If residents fail to manage their waste properly it can blight neighbourhoods and is hazardous to people, animals and the local environment.

“By taking a tough stance on enforcement we can deter any potential offenders, and we encourage members of the public not to shrink from reporting any perpetrators they see. We will prosecute, and when convicted we will name and shame in the hope that we can stamp out this anti-social behaviour.

“Dumping is a crime. Help us and make those who do it pay for it. See it, report it, stop it.”

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