Play Day visitor Ann, left, and a City of Culture Volunteer try hopscotch as part of the Playing Out record push.

Hopscotch target smashed at Hull’s Play Day

A Hull hopscotch target has been smashed as hundreds hopped, skipped and jumped their way around Queens Gardens.

A team from the Playing Out project led the event during the city’s Play Day event to try to set a city record, with the aim of attracting 400 participants.

But the record attempt got off to a terrible start as just after grids were drawn, a torrential downpour washed away every trace of them. Two remained outlined in masking tape – though these were then whipped into a bush by a passing roadsweeper.

Fortunately, the sun came out and grids were re-drawn as Public Health team members, Playing Out volunteers and Police and Crime Commissioners Office staff monitored grids, tallying each person who agreed to play.

Within an hour, the total was more than 200 and those recording the tallies could barely keep up.

Despite losing a whole hour to the rain, the final count for completed hopscotch games was an incredible 738 participants.

A team from the Playing Out project led the hopscotch event during the city’s Play Day event.

The aim of the push was to engage Hull residents with Playing Out, a popular, quickly growing project that allows people to apply to close a residential street to through-traffic for a few hours so children can play safely in the road.

Hull City Council project organisers support those applying for the road closure and provide road closure signs as well as simple play equipment for those who host a session.

The number of Playing Out locations has more than doubled this year, after it launched in 2018. Two schools have also taken part.

Find out about organising a Playing Out session here.

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