Hull shortlisted for Innovation in Children’s Services award

Hull City Council’s Children’s homes have been shortlisted in this year’s MJ awards for Innovation in Children’s Services.

The council’s vision is to have high quality nurturing children’s homes embedded in local communities. The number of smaller children’s homes has doubled over the last two years, to enable the most vulnerable children to be supported in local, home environments, within a community setting.

Councillor Shane McMurray, Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services said: “I am delighted that the city’s children’s homes have been recognised for innovation.

“The council has made a commitment to caring for children in smaller local homes, as this allows staff to provide them with better support and care, and enables children to stay in the city, all of which contribute significantly to better outcomes for our children and young people.

“We want our homes to be the best they can be for the children who need them.”

Three children who are cared for by the Local Authority in the city’s homes said:

“It’s not like a care home, it’s like a homely home, you’re own.”

“I like the house because we decorated a lot the last few years and put a family tree on the wall in the kitchen.”

“It has good staff and people really help me here. It’s just a really good place for me to be, because I really feel safe.”

Children have benefitted from the homes being modern, energy efficient homes, tailored to suit their needs. They fit in with the neighbourhood and look and feel like any other family home. Ensuring children can be placed within the city, rather than in costly out of town placements, has also meant effective placements with effective wrap-around support. Social care staff have reduced travel time and costs and the homes remain corporate assets.

Councillor McMurray continued: “We continue to reshape services, looking at ways in which we can deliver and achieve the best outcomes for our children and young people.”

The winning Local Authority for Innovation in Children’s Services will be named in September.

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