The shared reception desk at K2.

Hull firms responding to evolving city centre

Hull city centre is reacting well to the changing needs of its companies, according to the developer of one of the city’s most ambitious recent office developments.

Tradepark Ltd is the developer behind the K2 building in Albion Street.

And during Humber Business Week, director Mark Butters said: “K2 responds to the growing and changing needs of modern businesses and employers.

“We are attractive to businesses because we have a one-off fee with utilities, a shared reception, as well as core communal, meeting and breakout spaces, all included.

K2 on Bond Street.

“People like pay-as-you-go and shorter contracts. At K2, we offer flexible working spaces where businesses can choose to downsize or upsize.

“The building has in-house fitness facilities, yoga, a cafe on the roof and residential apartments all in the same complex as the office.

“Businesses also like the support of being around other businesses. We put on monthly networking events and signposting services to help our businesses obtain grants and support.”

K2 among a growing list of projects responding to the changing needs of the city centre, according to Hull City Council’s assistant director for major projects and place, Garry Taylor.

He said this understanding and investment is crucial to the long-term prosperity of the city centre.

“City centres are evolving, and in Hull we are seeing investors responding quickly to this evolution, creating environments that allow people to live, work and play,” said Garry.

“The city centre is becoming much more diverse thanks to the creativity and enterprise of a number of developers and investors of various different shapes and sizes.”

“K2 is a fantastic example of a development that offers modern, flexible and multi-use spaces. Modern businesses want first-class office spaces and facilities for their staff during working hours, but also outside of them – and K2 offers exactly that.”

K2 offers activities outside of working hours such as yoga.

K2 sits opposite the £130m Albion Square development, which, once completed, will feature high-quality and modern retail spaces, accommodation and leisure facilities, which will include an ice arena.

Mark said: “The council is being really proactive. Plans for the Albion Square development look excellent and I think bringing the ice arena into the city centre is absolutely the right decision. Albion Square will join together existing city centre organisations and offers like Hull New Theatre, K2 and the UTC.”

Women into Manufacturing and Engineering (WIME) is a project designed to encourage businesses to recruit a diverse workforce and employ more women in manufacturing and engineering roles.