The Guildhall in Hull.

Hull unites to support humanitarian aid effort for Ukraine

Hull’s communities are coming together to collect and deliver humanitarian aid for Ukraine under the Hull 4 Ukraine collective. This is being led by Hull’s community and voluntary organisations who have done so much through the pandemic. The Council has agreed to partner with Hull 4 Ukraine and Hull 4 Heroes to support a local coordinated aid response to the crisis.

Hull 4 Ukraine was set-up within a few days by Magda Moses and others who wanted to take immediate action. They already have almost 30 volunteers who are much needed as the donations have been growing daily and need sorting, before being transported to Ukraine and surrounding countries.

Magda said: “We felt that we needed to unite and support Ukrainian families in this conflict. Many volunteers came together to organise help for Ukraine. I’m overwhelmed by Hull’s warm response and the people who have come forward to volunteer are doing an incredible job. Everyone just wants to feel like they are doing something. We all stood in silence when the first lorry was loaded, amazed at the effort from local people.”

Ukraine flag
Many items have been donated already. Photo by Yehor Milohrodskyi on Unsplash

Local people, businesses and organisations wanting to donate items to Hull 4 Ukraine are asked to drop-off items at Living Hope Christian Centre in Linnaeus Street, HU3 2QA.

Organisers are asking that people donate items from the below list:-

  • Food with long expiry date;
  • Medication – painkillers, bandages, plasters, and first aid kits;
  • Soldier supplies – flasks, warm men’s jackets, thermal underwear, socks, boots, rope, sleeping bags, backpacks and toiletries;
  • Warm coats and boots;
  • Blankets, duvets, pillows, and camping mattresses;
  • Toiletries for women and children;
  • Babies nappies, milk, wipes, toiletries and bottles; 
  • Batteries, power banks, torches, matches, candles and heaters.

Hull 4 Heroes has joined the partnership to support the logistical side of the local response and has also agreed to host an online fund that Hull people can donate to, that will support the purchase of medical supplies and transportation.

Paul Matson, Hull 4 Heroes founder, said: “The response from the local community has already been incredible, and we know how generous and supportive this city can be. We are proud to be supporting this response and will do all we can to support Hull 4 Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.”

Councillor Daren Hale, leader of Hull City Council, said: “Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and we totally condemn the actions of the Russian Government. During the current humanitarian crisis we are committed to working with Hull 4 Ukraine to assist the fantastic work they are doing.”

“In horrific situations like this, where people are desperate to support in any way they can, it is vital that local organisations come together to coordinate efforts and ensure they have the best possible impact. Hull City Council and our local MPs are actively supporting Hull 4 Ukraine and will continue to support the city’s humanitarian aid effort.”

All enquiries can be made to Hull 4 Ukraine via: [email protected]