Cheng and Chen will offer authentic East Asian dishes in Trinity Market.

Trinity Market adds another delicious option to its menu

Hull’s thriving Trinity Market is adding a new offer to its wide-ranging menu this summer.

Cooking up authentic East Asian dishes, Cheng & Chen will be the latest businesses moving into the bustling market in Hull’s Old Town.

On the menu will be the classic noodle and rice dishes of the region, with an emphasis on the technique and tradition of wok cooking.

Owner Phil Cheng said: “Our aim is to provide the most vibrant, flavoursome and freshest dishes whilst providing excellent dining value. Similar to the famous food markets of East Asia, dishes will be cooked to order, ingredients will be prepared on site and sauces made from scratch.”

Cheng and Chen is the latest business moving into the popular market.

Cheng & Chen is set to open early this summer.

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