A woman breastfeeds her child as part of the Big Latch On.

55 women breastfed their babies in Queens Gardens this morning – here’s why

A group of 55 women sat together in Queens Gardens at 10.30am this morning and all breastfed their babies at the same time.

They were part of the Big Latch On, a global event where women come together and feed their babies in a bid to normalise breastfeeding.

Organisers City Health Care Partnership, which works with Hull City Council’s public health team, were pleased to see so many people.

And participants were not put off by torrential rain minutes before the event was due to start.

Parents and carers at the Big Latch On event.

The numbers of Hull participants will be logged by national organisers and count towards the total global feeding figure – last year this was more than 60,000.

Women at the event had the chance to find out about breastfeeding support, as well as other advice services as well as Us Mums exercise sessions – where babies are welcome too – and the Look, Say, Sing, Play parenting campaign.

They were also given specially designed thank you cards to help them continue to support breastfeeding mums after the event.

Designed to be handed out to anyone they spot feeding their baby, the cards say “Thank you for breastfeeding in public. You make it easier for other mums to do the same”.

The reverse includes details of support services and invites the recipient to pass the card on to the next mum she sees feeding.

Get breastfeeding support and information here and find out more about the Big Latch On here.