Kaitlyn Robson, 16, says HeadStart Hull helped her
Kaitlyn Robson, 16, says HeadStart Hull helped her go from being politically aware to politically active.

Young Hull volunteer gets a HeadStart to a bright future

A HeadStart Hull volunteer is the only UK student picked to join a select group from around the world at the prestigious Genesis Academy in Chicago.

Kaitlyn Robson, 16, will fly off to the US to join a group if students to spend two weeks examining why conflict happens.

HeadStart Hull, a partnership programme led by Hull City Council, aims to build resilience with children and young people in the city by bringing together services and projects to offer support and help.

Created for young people, its campaigns are directed by young people – and the work of Kaitlyn and other volunteers is key to this.

Kaitlyn has helped shape and deliver important awareness campaigns aimed at helping the young people of Hull, including the You Are Not Alone suicide prevention campaign, an anti-bullying campaign and the StereNOtyping campaign aimed at challenging stereotyping and encouraging victims to report hate crime.

She will now be flying out to the Genesis Academy Summer Institute, which uses arts and education to bridge divides and promote peacekeeping. Students from across the world will meet with thought leaders, activists and artists to participate in learning opportunities.

Kaitlyn said: “Being part of HeadStart Hull helped me go from being politically aware to politically active before I was old enough to vote.

“It has also given me more confidence and a great sense of pride in my city, as well as a wider view of just how much work goes into things now.

“I remember what it was like before we had HeadStart in Hull and it is so much better now, with everyone being more aware of early intervention and how important it is. If I could give anyone thinking of joining some advice I would say just do it. You will always find something you are passionate about.”

“I hope HeadStart Hull carries on forever because the city needs it.”

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