A road up close.
Roads across Hull are due to be micro-surfaced.

Almost 30 Hull streets to be micro-surfaced as part of new programme

Roads across Hull will be micro-surfaced over the coming months.

The city-wide micro-surfacing programme is set to start on Sunday 4 June, with 29 roads included.

It’s due to complete on Sunday 2 July, weather permitting.

These roads are showing signs of deterioration with potholes, cracks and dips, and micro-surfacing will remove these defects and seal up the road to improve the surface.

Road closure notices have been put up and letter drops will be carried out two weeks prior to the works starting on each site. The contractors will also be posting leaflets to inform residents.

Residents can visit One.network to find all road closure information. The letters will include contact details if residents have any questions or wish to discuss the work. The contractor will also be posting leaflets to inform residents.

Councillor Mark Ieronimo, portfolio holder for Highways and Transport said: “We apologise for the disruption these works may cause to some residents, but we strive to minimise disruption and keep residents informed as much as possible.

“Ward councillors have been championing these vital works, which will make our roads better and safer in the long term, benefitting all road users in the city.”

The roads that are included as part of the programme and the proposed dates are listed below. These dates are subject to change:

  • Hyperion Street, Great Union Street to Blenkin Street, 4 June
  • Alma Street, Blenkin Street to Church Street, 4 June
  • Oxford Street Bellmouth junctions, approaches to Swann Street, 4 June
  • Gibraltar Road, roundabout and dual carriageway, 5 June
  • 8th Avenue, Orchard Park Road to 24th Avenue, 5 and 6 June
  • Lambert Street, Newland Avenue to Beverley Road, 6 and 7 June
  • Marshall Street, Reynoldson Street to Newland Avenue, 8 June
  • Glencoe Street, Anlaby Road to end, 8 and 9 June
  • Sullivan Road, Sibelius Road to Gershwin Avenue, 12 June
  • Mollinson Road, Number 1 to number 57, 12 and 13 June
  • Monmouth Street, Hessle Road to end, 13 and 14 June
  • Massey Street, St Georges Road to end, 14 June
  • Woldcarr Road, Anlaby Road to number 97/88, 15 and 16 June
  • St Martins Avenue, North Road to end, 16 June
  • Dryden Street, across Westcott Street, 16 June
  • Hayburn Avenue, near junction with National Avenue, 17 June
  • Lorraine Street, Stoneferry to end, 17 and 18 June
  • Portobello Street, Ellerby Grove to Holderness Drain, 18 July
  • Jalland Street, Holderness Road to end, 19 and 20 June
  • Savery Street, Southcoates Lane to Brindley Street, 20 June
  • College Grove, Preston Road to St Johns Grove, 21 June
  • Downing Grove, Preston Road to Exeter Grove, 21 and 22 June
  • Parthian Road, Griffin Road to Parthian Road, 22 June
  • Waldergrave Avenue, Holderness Road to number 20, 22 and 23 June
  • Douglas Road, Shannon Road to Crow’s Nest pub, 23 June
  • East Carr Road, Hull boundary to Golf driving range, 26 June
  • Burniston Road, Bricknell Avenue to Langdale Avenue, 27 and 28 June
  • Wareham Close, Bellmouth with Dorchester Road, 28 June
  • Marfleet Avenue, Marfleet Lane to Great Field Lane, 1 July
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